Consistent flow is maintained by the crush resistant hose whether kinked, twisted or run over it is designed to spring back to its original shape. Excellent for high traffic areas, the RCR deliveres generous flow rates for wine, beer and other sanitary liquid food stuffs. Bacteria resistant construction delivers taste and odor free flow, even at high temperatures.

The RCR-C hose is designed with the same rugged construction as the standard crush resistant hose but has an added layer of protection for those applications where static discharge is a concern. This versatile hose has two multi-strand copper wires to provide positive grounding and peace of mind.

For use in Food Grade Applications, Pump Suction & Discharge, Receiving Bays, Metal Detection SystemsBreweries, and High Traffic Areas.

– Tube: White, FDA, 3-A, Chlorbutyl
– Reinforcement: Spiral-Plied Synthetic Fabric with Monofiliment Helix (& Copper Wire with the RCR-C)
– Recommended Cleaning: CIP & COP
– Cover: Orange EPDM with White Stripe
– Temperature Range: -30 F to 225 F
– Compliance: USDA Class III Requirements, FDA CFR Title 21 177.2600, 3-A 18-03.

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