About Us

What We Do

Sierra Seals Inc is a supplier of pump, valve, and other fluid handling equipment repair kits and components to the food, dairy, beverage, brewery, winery, bakery, meat, poultry, & pharmaceutical industries.

We strive to be better for you. With a continued effort to expand our skill set, further our knowledge, and increase our abilities, we want to be a true asset to our customers. We offer and stock a wide range of products specific to customer needs to limit down time. We believe in taking quick action whether it be providing a quote, processing an order, returning a call, or getting an answer to a technical question.

“Each company we have the pleasure of dealing with is unique and each benefits from a different practice of customer service. We want to cater to your needs however you see fit.”

The Sierra Seals Team

What We Live By

Everyday we are faced with choices that reflect on our integrity.

As a whole we believe that integrity characterizes our entire company, not just part of it. To claim to be a company of integrity means that we are not only to apply this virtue by way of appearance, but also by the actions we take when nobody is looking. Sometimes the cost of integrity can be great, even to the point of lost business or reputation, but this is a risk we are willing to take because it also has its rewards. Integrity produces character, and character determines the course of one’s life individually and as a company. Integrity flows from a disciplined character. It is a choice and everyone can have it.

We at Sierra Seals Inc are committed to living a higher standard of integrity. If you see us compromising our integrity at any time, please feel free to contact us directly.

Job 27:5